Power Bundle -Lite

The ultimate bundle is the perfect gift collection to start the new year. 


The bundle box contains the following beautiful items intended to help empower you for grwoth and success this year::

(1) One Daily Planner - this planner is the ultimate goal, trust us on this one, it's the best gift for 2021 to keep you in FOCUS!;

(2) Three different flavor of Memos to start writing and creating history in 2021;

(3) Three different flavor of Notebooks to keep your thoughts in FOCUS!;


This new year, give the gift that lingers on.

Power Bundle -Lite

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  • We have worked hard on these products to make sure you are buying quality above quantitiy. We've created products you'd not want to put down or ignore. We've created products that would serve and work for you. As such, we know you wouldn't be returning them because you'll fall in love with them.

    Due to Covid pandemic, we will not be accepting any returns on products during the year.