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our fab story


Simply Ejibola means Simply Amazing!

Your trusted go-to store in Canada for reliable, high quality stationery supplies with beautiful designs

... the BEGINNING !

Simply Ejibola has come a long way, we've walked the long road of business transformation to get to our current name and business model. We started as the Ejibola E.AT Collections in 2015 designing and creating our own branded office and personal leather bags. In a bid to spread our wings to be inclusive of more entrepreneurs and to create a niche community of unique brand collections, we transitioned in 2017 to a niche eCommerce platform that was intended to be the "African Shopify". 2020 came with uncertainties and several business challenges across the globe which questioned our business model, our R&D structure and the future of commerce beyond the pandemic. We went back to the drawing board and a thorough rethink of our business model took place; it brought us to a place of deeper discovery, discovery of the future of retail, of the definition of our existence, and our business purpose/vision ... 2020 brought in the realization that we needed to "Start being Us".


Going into 2021, I'm taking a pause ... to start telling my story and keeping memorable journeys, through my creative ideas featured in my products, using my brand, the Simply Ejibola online store to share those with everyone. When you see my products, you see my brand and when you hold my brand, you hold a part of my story, my journey, my experience and the success you read about me. Ejibola is my Brand, my Brand is me.


Simply Ejibola is a place of exploit and opportunities. It is a place where we help preserve memories and create ideas. For instance, our Notebooks, Journals, Memo and Daily Planner were designed and created to bring people back to a place of expression - expressing themselves, writing their ideas and dreams down, so they can run with it and become that which they write down. All our collections have our tribes in mind, each products are designed carefully and specially based on the impact we'd like for it to achieve. We desire for all our products to be used rather than bought. I hope you can all come along with me to discover more of yourselves and Start being You - Simply You!

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... the PRESENT

Watch the video below to learn more about our CEO/Founder, our brand growth till date, our mission and vision, our design and manufacturing process, our corporate social initiatives (Give-back programs) inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and our plans for future growth and expansion. Enjoy !

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