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We have entered a phase of Critical Self-Care. It’s time to take extreme good care of ourselves and to ground ourselves.

When I refer to being grounded, I am talking about that state of being when you’re feeling your emotions and you are aware of your present moment experience. Being grounded also means that you are feeling responsible for your safety and well-being. You become very clear about what's best for you. Grounding is an effective therapeutic approach for managing stress, anxiety, and improving overall mental health.

How do you take care and ground yourself? How do you respond to stress? Do you have a Critical Self-Care Plan for when demands trigger extreme stress and the potential for prolonged stress?"

This month, we recommend you read one of Simply Ejibola's Critical Self-Care blog series and ground yourself with one of our Simply Amazing Self-Care Kits offers below.

(Quote) "Take care of yourself. Do what's best for you. And, don't jeopardize what you have built for yourself" ~ Patricia A. Muir

November 24th to December 20th Deal

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