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Amos+Remi Inspirational Pencils

6 Pack Set


Amos+Remi™ is not just a plain, boring pencil

… it’s the pencil like no other



It’s for:

- For that child that needs motivation;

- For that friend that needs to believe more in themselves;

- For that sister that’s giving up on herself;

- For that employee that deserves your praise;

- For that corporate gift bag;- For that birthday goodie bag;

- For that Dad that needs to be appreciated;

- For that Mum that deserves encouragement


….Great souvenir or gift to that special person

Worth the price

Amos+Remi Inspirational Pencils

SKU: 628693028202
  • 6 inspirational pencils in a box;

    18cm (7 inches) in length;

    Fun pencils with latex-free erasers;

    Premuim graphite for smooth and polished writing;

    Sharpens to a fine, precise point. Resist breakage;

    Use with pencil sharpener, pencil set comes unsharpened.

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