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Bulk: 5 Pack Extra Booster Pen (MOQ 125)

MOQ: 125


5 Pack Extra Booster Pen Set


The extra booster gel pens are perfection in both form and function. They are beautifully engineered with a classic and minimalist design. The pack consist of 5 distinctively warm and lustrous colors that will add a glow to any workspace and enhance your creativity and writing style.


The gel pen tips are durable and long-lasting. They have high-quality ink that leads to writing that is smooth and precise. Each pen colour is exactly same as its ink colour. Great value in one pack, you get:

- Blue ink colour pen;

- Green ink colour pen;

- Red ink colour pen;

- Orange ink colour pen;

- Black ink colour pen.


Each pen features a gorgeous click-on cap to hide and protect the pen tip when not in use. The cap which has the brand name “Simply Ejibola” engraved on it and with motivational words on each pens boost the users self-confidence and elevates the users self-esteem. 


….Great souvenir or gift to that special person

Worth the price

Bulk: 5 Pack Extra Booster Pen (MOQ 125)

  • 5 colour ink pen in a box;

    11cm (5 inches) in length;

    100% gel pen tip;

  • Shipping is via Canada Post & UPS Express to destinations within Canada, USA, UK and Nigeria. Expediated Shipping is 1-7 Business Days when order is placed by 1PM MST

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